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Alchemy. That's what we do in working with you. Burlesque to me means performing, how you lead, I am not resistant. I am not scared of being or at least trying to find my sexy. You alchemize feelings and thoughts I've had about myself forever. You know me so much, I can't fight for my usual limitations. I can't help but want to work with you forever! You have enchanted my life, in a way that's hard to describe. I am not an asshole, I am not angry anymore that is something I thought: that's just the way I am. 


Brooklyn, NY

I am not in a Goddessy world, but everything you speak about, comes to life. So when I say there is magic with you, I want people to know who are reading this, that I am not woo woo, and there is no other way to describe what we do together. I see how I get what I want, and have begun to love myself, I am a different person, I'm a better version of me, you reflect back things that I have totally forgotten about and I can only way WOW. It's the reason I stuck with you this long and I continue... I'm forever grateful. 


Brooklyn, NY

It fills me and excites me I would have been a blech lump if I didn’t do this work with you. This work has been open to things that have been happening instead of just watching life go by. The confidence I got from working with you is what I never expected.   I am now excited to be a women and all the things I have as a woman. I’m really grateful. I’ve been the happiest I've ever been.  I’m giving myself the time and appretiation and being selfish in such a good way!  As a Mom I’ve had role after role and me not stopping ever to take stock and enjoy and being present.  I was in college, I had one child, then marriage, then moving, then another child. It all happened to fast and now I choose  I’m going to do what I’m going to do because its important and I'm a priority. 

I spent all of life in “should mode” and now I end up pleasing myself and everyone benefits!

I feel confident and clear about speaking about womens issues. Because I’m like “I see you I see you're having these problems.”  Let's talk about it. 

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