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Enchantress Shane is an inspirational, transformational, and motivational speaker for keynotes, panels, conferences, talks, podcasts, workshops and private classes and celebrations.
Shane is also available to work with your corporate event, or social celebration. She brings all the joy to have your group get present and learn, and celebrate at the same time.
Holiday parties, sacred ceremonies, birthdays, mitzvahs etc.       

For booking inquiries, contact: Email:

Topics Include, and not limited to:

  • From Anxiety to Ease... The Feminine Way (Shane's Ebook!)

  • From Awkward to Enchanting 

  • Fuck Your Fears or Face Your Fears

  • Have The Confidence of a Showgirl 

  • Keep It Real and Raw

  • Why too much is so good

  • Enchanted Communication to Get All that You Want 

  • Improvisational Everything

  •  Your Inner Child & Resistance 

Suggested Introduction -

Enchantress Shane is a Shamen of fearlessness and joy for women to shine with the confidence of a showgirl. Her teachings include Straight Up Stripping, the Fuck Your Fears, Courage Course and Doormat Rehab.   


Shane background includes a Masters in Special Education, and behavior, she's trained for over 10 years in improvisational theatre and self development workshops and communication trainings, and most important; is her heartfelt intuition. She runs the infamous group The Awkward Enchanted Coven for magically creative entrepreneurial and super sensitive folks to feel courageous and bold in their lives!

 Enchanted Questions

Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised in Canarsie Brooklyn. I was the first born in America! My parents were born in Germany after WWII. All 4 of my Grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust. 

What’s the story of your family?

I was born as a miracle to my family, most of my family was killed in WWII, so for me to be born was indeed miraculous. My Grandmother was a bad ass and escaped WWII Germany with one of her Sisters daughters.  I don't know much, the war and what happened prior to coming to America is not spoken of. I do know all of my Grandparents all had 13, and 14 brothers and sisters and only 2 or 3 survived along with them.


What is your favorite cause?

I am super passionate about giving workshops and playshops to Mother's with children with special needs. They have so much to work with that they often forget about their own needs. I'm also passionate about teaching incarcerated and court involved youth to fine tune their creativity as a way to heal and self soothe.


What is your educational background?

 My undergrad degree is Early Childhood Education with a focus on creative arts, from Pace University in NYC. My Masters degree i dual Masters in special education and early childhood. 

Any guilty pleasures?

MMMM... I love this question. I indulge in anything musical and dance related.  I indulge in getting the first row of concerts. 


What is the story with your name?

My name means Beautiful Flower in Yiddish. Shane Brett, are notoriously known as boys names. SO! I love them, I love that many folks are surprised I am not a male when I show up. The uniqueness of my name matches my uniqueness! 


What are your favorite projects that you’ve done?

Teaching theatre and mindfulness to incarcerated youth and developing the Mindful Action Project is closest to my heart. The Enchanted Burlesque Coven for magically creative women is a shining star. I SO LOVE watching the women conjure a life that is fun, whole, playful and conscious. 

 What is your coaching methodology? 

Embodiment, mindfulness/awareness and improvisational acting are the methods that everything else is grounded in. If it aint fun I ain't doin' it, is the best way to go. When coaching feels SERIOUS, the ego blocks it and there is barely any change. Play is the common denominator to all I do, conscious play, creative play. Digging deep in the dark emotions so there can be more play, more ability to get a kick out of life, even in the most "serious" of situations 

 What is your personal story? 

Coming from place of self conscious, and self -loathing to who I am now matters. Everyone's life matters, my story has its own details, and I'm passionate about all women sharing their stories for their own healing and creative expansion.

After teaching and then beginning my special education therapy, I truly realized I was DONE working to fit in someone else's box. I found my freedom as a young child, when I did things my way, and more often than not, got in trouble for it. I was a verbal learner and always got in trouble for talking!!! At some point I made a vow to stand up for those who had the same "getting in trouble" experiences when they were 5 or 35. My coaching practice is based on transparency, I take my clients deep to peek at their resistances and where they have accepted they have no choice. My story of becoming WHOLE. Pre school teacher, waitress, artist, writer, therapist, stripper, educational director, transformational coach and good witch, have all come together to form the life of me, The Enchantress. 

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