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The Unconventional Icon Method
Free Training

Build momentum for your business, and your creative projects, so you can feel fulfilled in your daily life and summon SUCCESS!

You'll learn to 

  • Create the life inside the business  you love  

  • Know what to focus on next

  • Get unstuck on the fly

Enchantress Shane, MS
Show Up Expert & Behaviorist

Ways to Work With Shane

The Unconventional VIP Experience 

This is a one on one experience. It begins with a Open the Enchanted Door session. Your ramble and dump, and I deeply listen and pull out the golden threads of your genius. And we plan your experience so you can achieve results beyond your limitations and any resistance that shows up 

Truth Booth 

This is low commitment, and you would like insight for a situation that needs guidance and clarity ASAP.
Shane guides with her intuitive questions, so you can see the same situations with an alternative lens. She listens, and interrupts when she sees a behavior that is worth going deeper into.

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