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Shane B. Kulman MS SpEd


Enchantress Shane is a renowned mentor for the creative and sensitive men and women dedicated to helping them live an extraordinary and enchanting life. With a deep sense of knowing, and a passion for guiding others, Shane has built a reputation as a transformative force in the field of personal growth and self development. 

Drawing on her extensive knowledge, intuition, and enchanting energy, Shane brings a whirlwind of inspiration and insight to her private clients, group programs, workshops and retreats. 


As a published author, advice columnist, playwright and performer, Shane has touched the lives of many with her wisdom and guidance. She captivates audiences with her art and wisdom so they are either laughing or learning, all that Shane puts out celebrates the power of self-expression and authenticity. 


With a genuine care for people's well-being, Shane is known for her unwavering support and commitment to helping others shine in all areas of their lives. 


Enchantress Shane's unique blend of knowledge, intuition and enchantment has earned her a Brooklyn She-Roe award given to her by the Brooklyn Boro President. Her dedication to empowering others and helping them live an enchanted life is a testament to her transformative impact. 

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