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Shane B. Kulman MS 

Introducing the owner of The Icon Academy; Enchantress Shane Kulman. She is a show the fuck up expert and a dynamic powerhouse of Joy and self expression. She helps creative passionate introverts fuck their fears, own their awkward (and actually find it enchanting) and step on to their stage of life for authentic bold visibility. 

Shane holds a Masters in special education and creative arts.  Her background is that of an educator, therapist behaviorist, stripper and transformational bad ass coach and play evangelist.  

A transformational guide for the sensitive human.  Working with the Enchantress is going to be fun, awkward, and maybe even a little shocking.  She will have you connecting to your playful and joyful side, and if you don't know that side of yourself, she'll bring it out of you!

Shane is the author of several books, she's has published articles, and her advice column in the Rockaway Times, "Dear Enchantress" has been in the press since 2017.  She debuted her one woman show "Fuck Your Fears LIVE" off broadway, and leads her  clients to enter any location and relationship by leaving it in a better place then when it began. 

Her whole career she has been a specialist in working with sensitive souls. As the founder of The Awkward Academy, she has helped hundreds of women and men improve their self worth from the inside out.  Shane's been called a "firestarter" and an inner child expert!."  Shane has a master’s in special education and a background in the arts, including theater and dance, and she brings her background as a behaviorist, dynamic embodiment, authentic relating, improvisation acting techniques and her natural born magic into all her workshops, talks, retreats and performances


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