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An 8 day RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE challenge

Up your confidence game to showgirl status!

Yes! I'm in! Magic happens when you take action, set your intention, take an action and believe!

Louise Hay was famous for mirror work. I invite you to continue this mission of raising yourself confidence and self worth IN THE MIRROR. In order to go deeper into ourselves and what is limiting us from OUR OWN GREATNESS, we must start with ourselves. From thinking of yourself as BLAH to thinking yourself as a SHOWGIRL would!  It's  ALL about confidence. How you feel about yourself inside, is how the world responds to you. Ready to turn it up? Excellent! Let's start now.  

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

What voice do you hear? 

What do you look at first? 

The mirror has a lot to tell you. 

On a scale of 1-10 what is your confidence grade? 

There is a lot to learn from your own reflection.

Coaching and guiding comes from reflection.

What happens when you enter a room, do you hide or are you making an entrance? 

Your bright ass light self is waiting to be seen and loved, by your own special uniqueness, and care  and self love and appretiation.  

Your outer self is a reflection of your inner self. Do you agree? 

The benefits of mirror work can be life changing, the good news is all you need is a mirror, that is also the bad news, it's that simple. 

The results: self-love, higher self worth, confidence boost, bringing your low vibration/limiting beliefs into the light from the dark and more! 

It's SCIENCE! There is a re-braining, retraining and re-mapping of the brain

Hearing your affirmations out loud. All of your self-talk, the dialogue in your head, is a stream of affirmations, and they ain't always good. So hearing them could be a BIG ASS AWAKENING! 

"Because the mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. It makes you immediately aware of where you are resisting and where you are open and flowing. It clearly shows you what thoughts you will need to change if you want to have a joyous, fulfilling life." -Louise Hay

"If you're feeling blue, lock yourself in a room, stand in front of a mirror, and dance - and laugh at yourself and be sexy. Dance the silliest and ugliest you've ever danced. Make fun of yourself and try to recover your sense of humor."  Salma Hayek


Support in a private enchanted group

A daily activity that uses your mirror. It's listening and doing for up to 20 minutes. It's to be done in the morning and evening  (or vice versa, depending on your schedule.) It is to be done as a ritual, the time is now. Committing to a more  CONFIDENT & AUTHENTIC YOU in your life experience!

Watch or listen and then do the practie immediately. Don't get stuck in analyzing or qualifying. Use these as a part of your day when you get "off center" and away from your alignment, or you hear any negative language.   

Support to keep going and to share your insights and connect to your sisters in our private facebook group. 

Hi! I'm Enchantress Shane, and I care, I'm grateful I get to support you because I'm a natural born OVER CAREGIVER and this gives me a place to land and grow and share I've been a transformational coach, teacher and guide for 16 years. Connecting mind and body is where life happens. I'm wildly passionate about self expression and living unapologetically. For more info CLICK HERE

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