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Ways to work with Enchantress Shane

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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Wedding Ceremony:  3:00pm

Wedding Reception: 7:00pm


Having Enchantress Shane as a guide and mentor is for the enchanted being, that wants to experience their own magic, greatness and intimacy, and KNOWS it's important to get out of their comfort zone, Enchantress Shane works with both men and women. 


YOU are here because you want to get more out of life, stretch your "too much" muscles, and have an easier time socially and being seen.   Your inner life is how how you perceive the world. You can experience the magic of your life unfold. This is the kind of magic where things fall into place, and you have no idea why, the kind of life where you speak what you want into reality. Are you ready to plunge into designing your own reality? What are you desiring? Do you even know your desires? If you don't you are stuck in the mundane get it done world, and that mindset will have you with 85 things on your to do list for Saturday. 

If you are no longer want to mess around in stuck-ness and your reality feels like it’s ready for the more amazing version of you, one that includes ritual and higher realms of possibility, and you know how hard it is doing life on your own, or going to "empowerment" events and leaving anything but empowered,  now is the time to receive loving support, practical insights,  and acute clarity on exactly what is and isn't working in your day to day life.    Only then can you expand into more enchanted living. 


Maybe you're busy... How do you feel about that?  Are you too busy for your own life? What are you waiting for? Now is the time, no one else will create time for you. Are you waiting for permission to take what is your birthright?  The most powerful point of time is right now. It is your birthright to have pleasure and joy in your life.  If you’re not feeling your most powerful, confident and worthy. If you are feeling like life is flying by and you are ready to take your life to the next level, you deserve that.    

Do you struggle with: 

  • Not feeling ready enough and afraid of being judged?

  • Feeling like a super emotional buzz kill when you're visible or in connection with another

  • Confidence with your creative based business or art

  • Second guessing your choices and self-doubting 

what you say

  • Energetic Exhaustion

  • Over-thinking everything, and being SO good at it

  • Stagnancy and non efficient actions 

  • Being in touch with your feminine & masculine

  • side, so you can show up WHOLE 

  • Courage to take risks with your creative life

  • Self-judgement in speaking up for yourself

  • Needing accountability and grounding to get your

passion project in the world? 

  • Having emotions that have you spin out in

mindfucking for days

  •  Being a controlfreak and having your inner teenager run your world


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