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Why the Unsexy Weekend? Why "unsexy?" 

This weekend is the opposite of social niceties and normalities.  This virtual retreat is for those who appreciate the truth, and the authentic truth can be awkward and so very human. 

Maybe you're steeped and versed in speaking with transparency and awkwardness, or maybe you're new to this. 

The Unsexy Weekend is for those seeking deep connection, playful innocence and to stretch the muscles of staying in connection when there are high stakes. 

Who is this weekend for? 

It's for folks seeking a playground to experiment in the laboratory of the human experience, and the secret is that's where tru turn on lives. 

Be sexy, be cool, get men to look at you, have women desire you, do this to get a mate, follow these steps to get a partner. BARF!!!! These messages have been shoved in our faces forever. And they are all created to make you feel NOT ENOUGH, or they are made to make you feel TOO MUCH.

For men it's about being cool, rich and suave or get REJECTED!! 

The messages we got when we were young got us stuck along the way. SO many folks operate connection from a wounded space. 

Using the energy of sexual Shamanism, play and ancient methodologies is the way in and out of what is deeper, and what is amazing to have access to. 

  • Do you not have a model body?

  • Are you too hairy?

  • Are you too sensitive?

  • Do you need too much validation?

  • Have you been alone for too long, so fuck it, you're better off alone?

  • Are you comfortable being lonely?

  • Are you too nice?

  • Are you too quiet?

  • Do you not speak up?

  • Do you think you smell?

  • Do you have too many issues?

  • Are you too playful, and you feel misunderstood?


This course will bring you to a place where you can consider that you are exactly where you need to be, and that it's actually possible that you can consider that someone will see you as a great romantic partner or friend with benefits, or lover, or companion.

YES! Even if you don't lose 20 pounds, get full laser treatment, stay awkward, sometimes ramble your words, feel insecure with your sexuality, you too can connect on deep levels exactly as you are.

This course will get your mind and body understanding each other, noticing when they are not understanding each other, and then realizing why and how to connect to another needs mind and body to communicate. This is fun, informational and can be life changing if you're open to it, committed and willing to show up.

You'll learn and experiment with: 

  • Enchanted effective communication to use during tense moments; stressful, turned on, weird, awkward and intense

  • Connect with anyone and have the ability to create chemistry for the pleasure of it, with no unhealthy attachments

  • To listen for depth in the most shallow of moments

  • How to use play, innocence and curiosity to move out of stuck moments

  • To practice embodied vulnerability that is SO SIMPLE, you'll feel like a ninja

  • To explore your inner teenager, and recognize when he/she is in the drivers seat creating drama

This is for you to get in touch with you. You will meet and connect with others, and everyone walks away feeling lighter, more present and with a fuck ton of tools to use in their partnerships, new and old. 


Your Retreat Hostess: Enchantress Shane

Shane's version of fun: human connection that includes being witnessed and seen, connection that feels edgy and adventurous and new which then translates to feelings of liberation and freedom. 

Shane brings her sneaky profound joy and wisdom as well as some of her favorite teachers to guest lead in this jammin' weekend of internet intimacy.  

"Shane is a master fascinator, she takes everyone on a ride, even when I don't feel comfortable, she creates an environment where I do the offer anyway and it feels good!" - KW, the unsexy course 

"It's the only teachings that get me out of my head and feeling playful." RB

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