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 Private Coaching & Guidance with Enchantress Shane


Sunday, January 1, 2023

Wedding Ceremony:  3:00pm

Wedding Reception: 7:00pm



Private coaching with Shane is for the Enchantress in every woman, the Enchantress, that believes in magic and wants to live her bad ass life full of self-expression!    YOU ARE HER~   The kind of magic where things fall into place, and you have no idea why...  Are you ready to plunge in to living with confidence and full self expression?!?!

Do you need doormat rehab so you can live your Enchanted Life ?

If you are no longer want to mess around in stuck-ville, you NEED communication to set loving boundaries, and your reality feels like it’s ready for the more bad-ass version of you, you're in the correct place.    You will get loving support, practical insights, laser sharp coaching, and acute clarity on how to play a bigger game. Visibility, from being on a stage to showing up in a conversation, and staying centered in your power matters.   To have clarity on what you want can be hard to figure out, it's not a common practice.  


Maybe you're busy... How do you feel about that?  Are you too busy for your own life? What are you waiting for? Now is the time, no one else will create time for you. Are you waiting for permission to take what is your birthright?  The most powerful point of time is right now. It is your birthright to have pleasure and joy in your life.  If you’re not feeling your most powerful, confident and worthy, that can change.  If you are feeling like life is flying by and you are ready to take your life to the next level, you deserve that.  This work is not for eveyone, some women are ok or even happy with being "fine," or "good." Are you? Or are you wanting more?!


Do you struggle because you: 

  • Lose it more than you want to admit

  • Feel "not enough"

  • Feel "too much"

  • Second guess your choices and have self-doubt 

  • Lack confidence in speaking up

  • Feel out of control with challenging moments

  • Overthink and overanalyze everything

  • Have stagnency in partnerships and relationships 

  • Don't feel good while looking in the mirror

  • Are overwhelmed with energy and big emotions

  • Lack courage taking risks with emotional and physical intimacy

  • Repeat dating patterns

  • Judge yourself harshly

  • Consistency in your self love routines

  • Knowing what to do, but not binding and doing it? 

  • Have big emotions that take you down and completely control how you feel



Your Inner Enchantress is waiting for you to unleash her! To accept your awkward and your beauty, and your power and your silly. ALL OF IT! Integrating all parts of you so there is no more fragmentation. This program is for true enchantment of your most divine feminine self. We co-create a sacred space, where you get a unique training, experience rituals and divine experiences to take your own pleasure and enchantment to the next level!  You learn ways to communicate deeply within your relationships, you learn daily practices to rid yourself of old patterns and habits that hold you back from your birthright of  magnificence. You play in the field of feminine consciousness and wisdom, to include rituals, practices and homework to complete on your own. This is a life changer.  This is for the woman who is ready for change right now, and who desires to unravel what currently isn't working. Do you want to feel more connected to your Divine Feminine? Your power? Do you want more confidence? How about creating your own reality and become your own manifesting, magnetizing Enchantress? 

Are you living a turned on life? Or are you stuck in the "if only..." 

  • NOW is the TIME... Let's go and begin creating the life you desire... 

  • Creating your new reality cannot be done alone...

  • You are indeed responsible for your reality... 

  • Join me, come on in, all women who are ready for this work are welcome...

 *Shane is available to work with Men on a case by case basis. Email her with interest. 


Francois Park

500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

The Awkward Enchantress VIP - 3 or 6 month programs

Initial mapping by design session  - This is when we plan known goals, and tap into your powerful visionary self. Beginning this transformative deep dive into sacred feminine soul work.  We will use your Human Design System and go deep into what you are wanting to conjure. You will feel DIFFERENT and jump in to the waters of "anything is possible."  


Enchanted Sessions - These private sessions are deep dives through powerful communication, embodiment practices, looking at the work from the week and the getting to the core root of what's in your way, and being guided forward, these sessions may be on the phone, on live video or in person. Your mindsets and limiting beliefs will be unveiled and new awarenesses to old stories will support in healing stories of the past. Events that are exposed get to mean less and discontinue to leak unconsciously  into your current day reality. These sessions are mind and embodiment practices, they can be diads, movement, ancient feminine practices, visuaizations, pranayama, communication practices, centering and authentic connection practices. 

Celebration & Review call - We review and celebrate all the inner, outer, big, and small achievements and celebrations!  You get witnessed and receive reflections of how far you've come. From Day one until the last session your life will reflect ALL the work you have done. 

Enchanted Magic works - Along with the rituals and enchanted assignments that are included in the program, you will get specific asssignemtns for your own journey. Assignments are created for your unique experience. 






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