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Shane's mission is to leave no sister behind. Now is the time for all women to step into their power by connecting to their femininity and  pleasure. Imagine you don't ave to work hard to get what you want #NoSisterLeftBehind

There is something that is so uplifting

The methods I use and practice are a collection of what I have received in my traditional therapeutic education, gotten certified in, researched and received from experience.  My therapeutic background and self-development trainings are the foundation. Having begun as a classroom teacher, learning classroom management, has become ultra useful when I lead workshops or seminars. In retrospect, the basic human needs are also a basis for my practice. This includes play for ALL ages, from child to adult.  Learning from children, who are living in their bodies, not in their intellect, were a great example for primal human nature and how humans relate to one another. 

After I began working with children and families in a therapeutic way, I saw right away how traditional talk therapy, would feel good in the moment, but the family would stay stuck in their challenges, which would keep the children stuck it their challenges. I researched and found Yoga for the Special Child.

This opened my eyes to how much energy, and the dynamics of each person's energy in the family impacts the family as a whole. When I speak of energy, it's the behavior and communication that happens beyond words. When I began integrating yoga into sessions, children were newly interested and had longer times of focusing and following directions. The mindset of yoga introduced mindfulness into this work. Mindfulness includes; meditation, non, violent communication, authentic relating practices. The meditation practices are a hybrid of various kinds of meditation, for example; visualizations, loving kindness, walking, art, silent, mantra, self-inquiry/I am, Qigong, and guided. 

After opening up to yoga and meditation, I found the quietness of these practices was leaving a major part of therapy out. Incidentally in my life I began showing up to The Open Door Acting Company, this was an improv acting class where I met my first teacher and mentor. I went to this class on a whim and it was fun, but too far for me to travel to, so I wrote it off. When I returned, upon the begging of a friend, I went exhausted, pretty bitter and barely keeping my eyes open while driving there. I was working with children with special needs one on one, in a system that wasn't serving them, and I was bitter that I had to fit into this system and I didn't see it actually helping the children or parents. Upon leaving this class, I had a tremendous amount of energy, because I didn't believe to could have anything to do with the class, I returned with an attitude of "oh yeah!? show me." And it did, once again I left with energy and positive energy. I was sold, for the next two years, I did NOTHING else for social activities. I went to class with other therapists, and healers, (none who considered them selves actors) For two years I went into the improv experiment. What I began to experience were my feelings, intense feelings, soft feelings, powerful and  insightful feelings.  I worked out many old stories of my own childhood, I found compassion for characters I played, I felt lighter, I felt freer, the theory of, "if I could do this... I can do anything..." came to life. 

I knew the power of centering excursuses, relaxation and imagination provided. After the two years, I was hungry to uncover more of my inner life, after a year of attending class, and being trained privately, I began using a combination of yoga, meditation, and improv acting with families, members of the community who had PTSD from 9/11 and eventually women seeking empowerment. 

Embodiment to me is experiencing life incorporating the sensations in my body along with my thoughts. Acting gave me space to be real in an imaginary set of circumstances. I got to use my real feelings, which felt good to express, and play at the same time. I got to speak form a point of view I had never had out loud before. If I can embody and speak the word, "NO!" like I never had before, then when I need that "no" tool in real life, it wouldn't be so difficult to find. The benefits of improv for me were and are: speaking my voice in all situations, I had more compassion for those people I use to judge and be annoyed by, I had more peace with my family, I began making more money, became 90% less defensive, which resulted in me being an amazing listener, because I was not anxious to speak and react. 

Improv acting was a diving board into the world of self-realization that I saw was creating life changing moments and break thoughts for my clients. It was at this time, I also began my work with incarcerated youth using mindfulness and  the techniques I'd learned and used in improv. 

My next curiosity landed in authentic relating and a relational practice called Circling. These were global moments and communities. Rooted in non-violent communication, I saw how people from various backgrounds could come together and relate through movement and communication. Immediately I began incorporating these practices into the work with my clients. 

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