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The Magic Money 3 day program 

This magic money program is for the magical woman that is feeling broke and anything but abundant learn how to be more in control of their abundant mindset, so they can REALLY live in the magical cash money abundance that is available right now. 

The Low Introductary Price $29!
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Money is a tremendous force. You can start right now to receive abundance by setting your intention to become a magnet for money and abundance. Cash is QUEEN! 

This program is a way in, and a way out of you being stuck around money. The thoughts of lack and scarcity leak into all parts of life. They can show up as jealousy, fear, worry and shame. The money stories of our parents and family members are not yours. Getting into the abundance mindset takes practice and now is the time. How you receive is a practice.

The problem: 

  • You have heard or know others who have their finger on the ability to manifest money.

  • You are feeling choked with bills and the high cost of living and feel trapped, and don't know what to do. 

  • You desire to feel more relaxed and and live a lifestyle that feels more financially free

  • You want to stop worrying and complaining about your money "situation"

This program works with your belief system, it has you taking immediate actions, and it is guaranteed your money situation and story will shift and change.  Whatever you focus on will change, every time. 

Included in this program are:

  • My own private 3 step money magic process

  • Magic money meditations,  and visualizations 

  • Daily video classes

  • Nightly money spells and rituals

  • Bonus challenges! 

YES! I say yes to money magic! 

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Amy Neil 

"I just love that I bought your money challenge and then had a massive influx of money come through! How amazing!!!"

Heather B.

 "What I REALLY want is to STOP worrying and complaining about money FOR GOOD.   I know money will come and go, so that can't be my goal in doing this program--it's the sense of security and trust that everything will work out that I want to remember and embody even when I am looking at numbers that aren't in my favor. I want to spend my precious time being grateful and in love with my life as it is right now!"

Veronica M

This 3 day program came at the exact right moment. I am SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED! I really want to work with the root of my money stories! Thank you already. 

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