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  • Organize, and put all the pieces together so you know what steps to take next

  • Learn to alchemize discomfort & intensity on the fly 

  • Flirt with life, and RADICALLY TRUST your decisions, so you can own any room or stage you choose. 

It's Time To Strut The Stage

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Authority Magazine

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What will you work on with Enchantress Shane as your mentor? 

You'll use The Unconventional Icon Method. This method gives you step by step use of your genius and creativity for your desires as well as on the fly when life throws you off. 

Clients who have worked with Shane continue to surprise themselves with having their whole shit together. 


All relationships will be impacted; your business relationships, your loves, family and friends.  You'll work on your grand idea of helping people and impacting humanity in a way that helps others AND helps yourself. 


You'll remember your power, and turn your confidence into opportunities and receiving. 



If you've landed here, it's time, it's time to claim yourself an Unconventional Icon. It's time for you to step on to the stage of life and share yourself with presence and power. If in your life you are hiding, and you are afraid of getting real and raw, or don't know how, then you are probably suffering in all the areas of of your life. And I have a method that you can use over and over, and it works around you, so there is not the feeling of "doing it right." It's created so you cannot mess it up and you cannot get in trouble. 


This work is going to be awkward, you'll feel challenged and confronted, but your life will get upgraded, and you won't ever have to look back.   Her background as an expert behaviorist has her leading with compassion and wisdom that has the capacity to have you getting all you want in your life.  People need to be seen in order to transmute old beliefs and mindsets.  

Enchantress Shane brings you to the land of success. If people pleasing has you worried that you'll feel stupid or "get in trouble," or if you are so sick and tired of your procrastination, that you secretly feel "that's just the way you are, oh well," THEN STOP RIGHT NOW, and ask yourself; "am I willing to do things differently? Am I willing to stop that old shit?


Shane works intuitively with a variety of tools to unlock blocks so you can live with radical self expression, and starting right away with feeling success.   You don't even have to change, top three types of people Shane LOVES working with: 

  1. Multi passionate people  

  2. Sensitive folks who value play and fun

  3. Smart people who want to enjoy being seen 

Enchanted Testimonials

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