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  • Do you hold doors, act polite, make sure you don't scare women, you are friendly and generous, and you feel taken advantage of?

  • Are you secretly pissed off that you've always been the nice guy? 

  • Can you give me a story about when you were bullied as a boy? 

  • Are you ready to go beyond healing into creative expansion? Imagine living a more "alive" life and know which risks to take and which to be a clear NO on?

  • Do you wish you had more opportunities to be with women? And right now it's rare, so each time you meet someone you get SO excited, have unfulfilled expectations, then figure "this whole thing sucks anyway."

  • Have you suffered from lack of giving yourself time to enjoy life? Have you thrown yourself into projects to avoid some deep rooted "stuff?"

  • Or do you get stuck loving some woman that has so many issues, she requires a caregiver, not an equal partner. Maybe you give her money for basic living, babysit for her dog or child, so she can go work things out with her last boyfriend or x husband?

  • Do you live a very stable life, but truth be told you are seeking some excitement, growth and are willing to face some fears?


A part of healthy masculinity is being a provider. Providing for yourself and others, and not being sucker about it. It's a primal necessity for feminine healing and receiving. This does not mean over providing. In this program you'll be guided to know how to be nice, and have fierce and loving boundaries, to create a safe space for women, so they relax and open up to trust. If a loving relationship is what you're desiring, great, first step BE the loving one who provides fully for himself, mind, body and spirit first.

Transparent communication is the way in and out of deep and meaningful relationships. Having tools on how to access vulnerability for yourself is key. At whatever level you are at with your truth, you'll experience steps towards speaking truth with your whole self, not just your heart or your head.


Joy and truth are results that are retained from this (and all) programs. Integration of shadow work and the subconscious, is how you can remove the filter from patterns of what isn't working, and then getting the same lame results.

Working with your mind, your body and your energy includes metaphysical practices, you must be willing to do the homework, and show up for yourself, and it may be confronting, you must be willing to surrender to this process.

You'll learn energetic practices that make sense to the logical mind, and shift your energies in how you show up in life. You'll also engage in practices that go beyond logic land, and will leave you confused but create big impact in your life.

If you are operating in your life like a mediocre man, being a "good boy" going to work, owning some business, and you are feeling bummed out in your love life, you are slightly disappointed in the caliber of women you attract, because you are giving and not feeling appreciated, or you are living in the deadly friend zone? Or you are simply doing life alone, being the nice guy, showing up and not being appreciated or feeling fully valued.

  1. What do you want? Do you know?

  2. How can you put yourself first, and please a woman?

  3. Have you given up on yourself?

  4. Have you settled into "nice guy" and "good boy" forever?

  5. What is it costing you to not get into the most advanced masculine version of yourself?



Who is this program for?

  • The man who desires more out of life

  • The man who is stable and doing fine, but knows that fine sucks, and want to be fantastic!

  • The man who has too many moments of feeling lonely than he is willing to admit

  • The man who is sort of comfortable with his emotions

  • The man who is open and willing to trust the unknown

  • The man who is awkward, has suffered from anxiety and can get stuck worrying what others think

  • The man who knows he has so much to offer, but often gives to the wrong people

  • The man who is DONE living a ho-hum satisfactory life

Who is this program NOT for?

  • The man who is bitter and complains

  • The man who is not willing to invest in himself and is happy relying on old school therapy or working alone

  • The man who is cannot use his imagination and finds comfort in staying the same

  • The man who fears change

  • The man who thinks coaching is a waste

  • The man who wants easy ways to get things done

  • The man who gets easily angry and walks away from situations

  • The man that is not open to forgiving past women in his life, including his Mom 

  • The man who is not wiling to be truthful and open about what challenges him





There is something that is so uplifting

Enchantress Shane is a mentor for creative and sensitive men and women. She works from a deep sense of knowing that her passion to have people live an unbelievable and enchanting life is EXACTLY what she should be doing. Her programs are all spirited by joy and learning to integrate the darkness and shadow. She specializes in folks that have done work in therapy or self development and know that working with support is the only way to grow.

Shane brings a whirlwind of knowledge, intuition and enchantment to her private clients, group programs and workshops and retreats. 

Shane is a published author, advice columnist, soul burlesque performance artist, transformational guide and all around amazing fucking woman who cares immensely about people shining in all places in their lives.

For more information, to sign up go to: The Enchanted Man in the Awkward Academy

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