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The next Fuck Your Fears Course begins soon!


Who is this

Courage Course


  • You have a secret creative idea that needs to be birthed in the world

  • You are wanting to get shit done and have it be seen and you're terrified

  • You hear yourself complaining and sharing old stories of victim, and can't seem to help it, you wonder if you are too fucked up to do anything about it

  • You have some idea for something you want to do in this world, or you know you want to help people, except you stay stay busy and hiding, no one would know how much you have going on inside

  • You second guess communication choices, and do not have clear boundaries when saying "yes" or "no" in making commitments in your relationships

  • You are still a people pleaser, and put others first to avoid confrontations

  • You think everyone secretly thinks your annoying or crazy, you think your crazy too, and you don't see yourself as "cool" 

  • You hide your creativity and do not take action because you fear people judging you as stupid (who the fuck do you think you are?)

  • The mundane life is NOT working for you, you want to feel turned on in life, but deep inside you're watching life pass you by quickly 

  • You enjoy group activities, but often feel socially awkward, too sensitive and come home exhausted, taking days to recover, so maybe you don't really leave your house except for work

  • You have a desire to be your own boss and you have little or no idea of the "HOW"

  • You have more moments of loneliness than you are willing to admit and desire to be of service and be in community

  • If you know you are playing small, and don't know what else to do, so you keep thinking you need more healing and get lost in research and information world

  • You compare yourself to others, deeply care about what people think of you, (but would never admit) 

  • You get stuck scrolling on social media, or rewatching the same shit on TV to self sabotage. You have a bully living in your head, and she is really fucking mean to you, sometimes abusive











Who is this Courage Course NOT for?

  • A woman who wants to stay in her habits and defend them

  • If you are a woman who has bad habits and is not willing to work on changing them

  • You are a woman who constantly disagrees just to be right, and are not willing to try something new

  • A woman who likes fighting, and has given up on her dreams

  • The woman who is not willing to use her imagination in a powerful way

  • The frumpy person who doesn't see the purpose of playing and being playful

  • If you recoil at the word "Pussy" or "Goddess"

  • If you are a know it all

  • If you are a complainer who LIKES complaining

  • You tolerate life, and think that is fine

  • Subconsciously you think you deserve to suffer

  • If you are unwilling to spend money and time on yourself, and see no way that can change, or see no way you can change or grow

  • If you over-care give or blame the opposite sex for everything






















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