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Hey Beautiful!

Fear got your tongue!? 

Secrets of VUlnerable Communication 

FREE CLASS and Cheat sheet

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When it's time to speakup in vulnerable moments, do you get stuck? Are you waiting for the perfect moment? 

Does fear of rejection have you spending time overthinking and overanalyzing instead of communicating? 

Are you wanting more confidence in your self expression for stressful moments? 

Do you give your magickal power away to strong personalities? 

This class - Secrets of Vulnerable Communication, is in celebration for the program The Enchanted Burlesque Coven for magical women who seem to lose their ability to speak up and self express, in stressful, high stakes or intimate situations. Self expressing when emotions are high can create a situation that feels heavy, and messy....  Here are some high stakes vulnerable situations: 

  • Romantic relationships current or potential

  • Family challenges and patterns

  • Money conversations (business or work)

  • Putting yourself out there for business, love, or money 

  • Handling Sister friendships

  • Dealing with a boss

  •  Handling sensitive roommates

Self expressing in a clear way is crucial to living with more personal freedom.

During this class you will get tools to use right away, the tools are magick sentences and a simple process to whittle away to get to the truth, so you can speak from the present moment, and not from a story or a past experience (shadow.)

It's an actual joy and a pleasurable relief to not be in that waiting for the "perfect" moment to bring up your feelings thoughts and actions!

Imagine waking up with a clean brain slate, so your anxiety and worry and overthinking is put at ease. 

In this class you will get:  

  • Get a cheat sheet to use and carry with you!

  • Practice speaking the truth in a new way

  • Learn how to quickly get your mind and body connected

  • Begin finding a way to get yourself present in about 30 seconds! (Yes for real)

  • Practical magick ritual to support your confidence in self expression


"I still get SO nervous before I speak up, but now I dot it anyway and seriously I am given the goods every time, I've gotten a raise at work, and feel completely at ease with the guy I'm dating. BOTH OF THESE THINGS ARE DIRECTLY FROM WORKING WITH YOU!" Rachel K

"I can see why you call it magick, I watch all your videos on line, and more than what you are saying, I see your confidence and when I hear your voice it's REAL, your rawness and truth is what I would like, I'm glad I signed up to work with you!" Heather D


"I want freedom like you have, I'm not ready to join a group yet, so working with you and my IInner Queen, feels so special, it's already working, especially with talking to my Mother! If that can be done, then I believe any other things I get from working with you will be amazing!" Kelly T


"I don't know that I embody sexy, but now I know I'm awkward and what I now know is whatever is authentic IS sexy! My relationship " B. C.  


This class is for you if you are a magickal woman who has been: 

  • A people pleaser

  • Been hiding and avoiding confrontations

  • Hurt easily by Sister friends unintentional

  • Is afraid to speak up and share your creativity or opinion for fear of not being liked

  • Mistaken for quiet and sweet

  • Believe that assertive is agressive and bitchy 

  • Feeling like a doormat and pushover

  • Seen as a happy, go with the flow "cool" girl

  • Hiding behind being busy

  • Holding anger and sadness inside

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