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Magnetizing Video Challenge 

Take 2

 Enchantress! It's time to come out of hiding, and let yourself shine! 

I have gone from severe hiding to being my most Enchanting self to date, and now it's your turn.  I average 500 - over 1,000 views for my online videos and you can too!

So many women ROCKED this challenge, we are doing it again!!! 


This is an 8 day challenge, a mini course for magically creative women who have a passion, that needs space in the world and to be visible. Are you a creative woman who has a performance coming up?  Art that needs to be seen?  A business that needs visibility? Or are you wishing you had the confidence to be seen in a video. There are streaming videos, live videos, stories, snapchats, promo videos, sharing videos for fun, sales videos etc.


Everything is about video, You already know that. Each day I give you a class that has a lesson and a step to the process. If you are not already doing videos your missing an important spotlight.


This challenge is not about traumatizing yourself and making a live video right away. You will get tools and create your own process that is authentic to you, and you'll end up with a 3-5 minute video that you are proud of. In this challenge you will: 

  • Get out of your comfort zone with guidance and care

  • Learn how to speak from an embodied place, and be true to who you are

  • Share about your passion or mission with heart and truth

  • Experience yourself as a relaxed and empowered leader 

  • Have a set of tools to use to make more videos in the future

  • Better your public speaking skills

It's time to be SEEN! No more hiding in 2018...

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OMGoddess!!! This discussion was EVERYTHING! I felt so in tuned and aligned with all of this. I have some anxiety around bragging and being seen, especially during a LIVE video! 

I’m going to accept the invitation to take up some EXTRA space to really share here so that I can go into the brag challenge with an open heart. 

I am very aware of the “voices” that hold me back from bringing my full light. One is not wanting to make anyone else feel bad about their experience because of what I’m proud of. This is another face of the “who does she think she is” fear. 

I’ve been places and started to talk about something I’m proud about (most often because I’ve been asked to share) and having someone downgrade or downplay it OR take credit for it. 

OR feeling like something I’m proud of would trigger pain in another. Example: I’m extremely proud that I was able to birth my children naturally. In those experiences I grew and learned so much about myself. That’s part of my personal walk as a wombmyn Mother Warrior Goddess. There are so many fabulous women who have pain surrounding conception and childbirth so I often do not share or feel weird owning that place of power for myself.

This is the center of what this video Challenge has been about for me. Allowing ME to be seen...I can’t shut one part out or ask one aspect to always show up on cue.

Enchantress Shane you ARE magic! 

I feel more ready to embrace my brag now.

Goddess Neith 

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