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Feminine Confidence Activation Sessions


Right now I am offering these free calls for my inner circle and their friends. Don't let that STOP you;)


How is your confidence?  We can all improve our confidence, and this is never a one woman job. I am opening up my feminine confidence practice for MORRREEEEE amazing women!   I have been doing this work with Mothers, women as young as 30's and women in their 60's who want to feel more juicy and alive. Having been a teacher of pre-schoolers and teenagers and then adult women. I see how our society squashes confidence as early as pre-school. These wack childhood experiences sty with us forever. ARGH!!! That is what gets in the way of: 

  • Speaking up 

  • Asking for more money

  • Falling in real deep love

  • In the bedroom

  • Parenting powerfully

  • Taking risks

  • Self-expressing

  • Creating or connecting with like-minded community

  • Having boundaries

  • Becoming friends with your fear

  • Dressing with sassiness

  • Feeling enough

  • Powerful communication in relationships 

This call is 30 minutes, leave space for 45 minutes. You'll take this time to call ALL YOURS! No distractions, everyone will adjust. You will receive insight, and hear yourself answer questions that have been living in your head. You will speak with Shane and feel what it's be like in connection to your own wisdom as well as Shane's. She is a firm believer in co-creating. In co-creation magic happens! That's a fact! 

I've been working with Shane for 5 months. It goes beyond words what she has given me. My life in ALL areas is so different than when we first started. I have a boyfriend, my career has taken a turn where I actually don't feel pissed to go to work every day and my relationship with my Mother has more compassion then ever. 


Brooklyn, NY

I read my journal last night from when Shane and I began. ALL MY LIST OF DESIRES AND WANTS CAME TRUE! Event the ones that seemed crazy! I imagine this seems nuts to read, but it's true. My kids are truly happy, I "found" an extra $5,000 to use for programs I want to take and I don't get deffensive any more with people that annoy me. Is that specific enough? Thank you SO much. 


Brooklyn, NY

 Even when great things were happening, I didn't give them credit. When Shane reflects back what Is "actually" happening in my life, it doesn't sound like its my life! I am so proud and excited about all the work we've done. I couldn't have imagined all what I've received from working together." 


Miami, FL

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