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Now is the time to take control of the things you REALLY REALLY want in your life, and for you step more into the person you aspire to be without making yourself wrong. Enchanted Leadership is all about the way you live your life.  This is the kind of leadership where you don't have to be in the front of the room. You leading your life in a way that feels RIGHT FOR YOU, is the win, and then all the goodies can come.  

At this point of your journey, you know that you're sensitive and you know that others look to you for your unconventionality. So now  it's time to make moves that INCLUDE the parts of you that you've deemed unloveable.  The can show up as fear voices, and voices that nag you to do things differently. 

  • Do you want to make more money? 

  • Do you want to travel the world?

  • Do you want to be more visible? 

  • Do you want to grow your business? 

  • Are you desiring to buy a car? A house by the sea? 

Let's get clear on what you desire and what's in the way, and then make it all work for you. 

About Us


I hope you chose something where the stakes are high. This two week program is not for you to get your do to list done. 

This confidence catalyst is to make big lasting change with the parts of you that will keep you stuck unless you dismantle THEIR beliefs. Letting your self sabotaging parts run the show will keep you in a holding pattern. 


Using small group energy brings these self sabotaging parts to be seen, which has them lessen the hold it has on your life, your moves, and decisions. 

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Barbara, Life Coach

This session was SO good!! I felt free, lighter, and more integrated. It's only been two days, and my kids and my clients are asking me what kind magic I've been doing! 

Janine, Business Owner 

Thank you Shane! I had a mind blowing experience. I want more! People I had been wanting to connect with are reaching out to me!

Linda, Psychotherapist

 Shane's ability to allow others to feel seen, heard and validated became the catalyst for the group to show up as themselves and delve into parts of themselves with inquisitiveness and insight.

The Leader: Enchantress Shane 

  This is a big journey in a short amount of time, using The Unconventional Icon method,  you'll get the most efficient in transforming all the ports that take you out of your flow and momentum.  

These parts, and inner characters block you from trusting others, from believing in yourself and from doing big things. 
This is the way to transmute those stuck points (parts) into catalysts for momentum, growth,  and transformation.

That's where the alchemical process comes in 

This Awkward Alchemy (second stage of this method) is  designed to help you break free from the shackles of stagnation and turn your stuck points into stepping stones toward success.  

The Details: 

 We begin the next Cohort  Saturday 111/11/23 

12pm - 1:15pm EST

  • We meet on zoom 

  • Group accountability and connection on voxer (24/7 group voice check, in between sessions) 

  •  Dates:  Saturday 12pm EST November 11th, 18, 25th  2023 (TIME ZONE Conversion)


This two-week result based transformation program for men and women. It's a dynamic deep dive to fast-track your journey to unwavering confidence, You can plug this confidence upgrade into your love life, your business life, your creative life, this shit works, and I guarantee that. This work is based on improvisational acting, internal family systems (IFS) and coaching. You show up READY, open and WILLING and you will see your life feel more connected to what feels good, and your self-sabotaging behaviors  and suffering will diminish greatly, so that your genius shines through and you expand your joy and creativity. 


The goal is for you to be  a ninja in knowing your parts and the ones that are not ALLOWED to run the show. In just 14 days, you'll undergo a remarkable personal metamorphosis, leaving behind self-doubt and embracing a new chapter of limitless self-belief.​


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