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About Us

 Now is the time to take control of the shadows in your life, and step more into the person you aspire to be without making yourself wrong.   Embrace this transformative opportunity, where you connect with your inner parts leads to unlocking your truest potential in just two weeks!

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Your Director: Enchantress Shane 

 Awkward Alchemy is a stage from The Unconventional Icon method, We'll be using this information for two weeks to get mad efficient in transforming all the ports that take you out of your flow and momentum.  

These parts block you from trusting others, from believing in yourself and from being consistent. 
This is the way to transmute those stuck points (parts) into catalysts for momentum, growth,  and transformation. That's where the alchemical process comes in 

This Awkward Alchemy is part a of a unique and powerful method, the Unconventional Icon and it's designed to help you break free from the shackles of stagnation and turn your stuck points into stepping stones toward success.  

The Details: 

  • We meet on zoom 

  • Each person will get a alchemizing spotlight in the group

  • Actualizing Accountability group on voxer (24/7 group voice check in) 


This two-week result based transformation program is a dynamic and immersive experience designed to fast-track your journey to unwavering confidence, You can plug this confidence upgrade into your love life, your business life, your creative life, this shit works, and I guarantee that. You show up READY, open and WILLING and you will see your life feel more connected to what feels good, and your self-sabotaging behaviors will diminish


The goal is for you to be  a ninja in knowing your parts and the ones that are not ALLOWED to run the show. In just 14 days, you'll undergo a remarkable personal metamorphosis, leaving behind self-doubt and embracing a new chapter of limitless self-belief.​


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